Summer project of 2017

I’ve always been interested gardening but was never allowed to play in the garden. The garden was always my grandma’s – no one was allowed to touch it. Recently, she hadn’t been working in or around the garden with the exception of her flowers so I figured it was time to do something about the ever-accumulating garbage that was growing in the middle of our backyard. So a few months ago, I started looking at potential garden ideas and got really excited about a new summer project. I approached my husband about my idea and he liked the design that I had come up with.
Now, the problem was getting rid of all the garbage and clutter that had accumulated over years in the original garden. Based on first assessment, it didn’t seem too bad – I figured we could take a couple days to tackle it. Boy, was I ever wrong. Removing all that garbage, old wood pieces and other debris took a few weeks, which also included leveling the plot. Our property slants quite a bit and we wanted a relatively flat plot to work with so leveling the soil was priority. Once we got the plot leveled, we started planning the container layout. I chose to go with a container garden because there’s an old cherry tree right beside the garden so I knew that the roots had extended under the garden. Because of this, previous efforts to grow vegetables were not fruitful. Plus, I could control the temperature of the containers a lot easier. So I gave my husband my plans, and he plotted it all out. Before I knew it, we were off to the hardware store to buy all the wood needed to make the containers.
After another week or so, the planters were in place and ready to be filled. Getting this garden going was particularly rough given our work schedules – we both work Mon-Fri 9-5 with high probability of overtime (on his part) and my gym schedule. So all the work that was done was done after 7PM until dark. Then factor in the weather…
Anyway, with the containers complete, it was time to plan out the layout of vegetables and that meant finding bulk soil. We ended up getting 7.5 cubic yards of garden soil from Pitt Meadows Landscape Supply Ltd. which was by far, the most affordable we could find. I was most excited for shopping for all the vegetables and seeds that I was going to plan. I’ve found the best place for good quality seedlings (for a very good price) – I highly recommend Triple Tree Nursery in Maple Ridge.
I’m so proud of this garden and we’re still not finished! My mother in law is in the process of giving us gooseberry and red currant seedlings, and we’re looking to plant a few fruit trees in the front yard as well. The next thing that I need to address is replanting my okra seedlings. These were raised from seeds and when I first planted them in March, we went through a bit of a cold spell that nearly killed all the seedlings. But with warm weather in April/May, they have bounced back!
Here’s the final product! I love the red lava rocks in the pathways – it adds a nice colour contrast!
I can’t wait to start harvesting all these vegetables! Healthy, local and organic eating at it’s finest. I’m all about the clean eating!

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