New camera has arrived!

Have you ever wanted something that you ordered online so badly that you check and recheck the tracking information over and over again? Well, that was me all last week and into the beginning of this week! I drove my husband crazy as I bounced between the excitement of a new [fancy] camera and being upset that I had to wait almost a week to get it (not to mention the ordeal of having to wait one extra day because I missed the delivery and couldn’t pick it up until the following day). I finally got my camera last night when I came home, and I honestly couldn’t tell you who was more excited (and relieved) about it.
I haven’t had much time to play around with it yet – that’s something I’ll get to do tonight! But I’m very excited to take it out for its first spin this weekend as I head up to Kelowna with my best friend.

Such a beautiful piece of machinery. I can’t wait for all the adventures that it will capture over the years!

I’ve also started a new Instagram account specially dedicated to photography – do me a solid and follow me!


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