Impromptu weekend trip to Kelowna

Gone are the days where we can just drop everything and skidaddle away for an entire weekend…or so I thought. Turns out all I needed was a text from my best friend inviting me to join her in a short trip to wine country (a.k.a Kelowna). We have a few friends that moved there a while back so it would be nice to visit them – not to mention that it had been years since we took a girls trip. My husband was off on a fishing trip with his co-workers as sort of ‘team bonding’ weekend so it’s not like he was going to feel left out.

The drive up was beautiful once we crossed the Coquihalla summit. The nice thing about Kelowna (and surrounding area) is that when it rains, it only does so for a short period of time. Unlike Vancouver where it can rain for weeks, if not months, without end.

Our friends live on a beautiful half acre property and have done an amazing job with their yard. I got to explore the yard a little closer with my camera on the second day when my best friend was trying to sleep off a migraine.

Our last morning was spent visiting a few vineyards (my favourite reason to visit Kelowna, by the way) before heading back home. We started off visiting Vibrant Vines where all the art in the tasting room was 3D requiring special glasses – think back to the old cheap movie theatre 3D glasses before they got all fancy. It was an…interesting experience, but unfortunately, I wasn’t a huge fan of the wines they had open for tasting. The tasting room was really interesting – not just because of the 3D art – the ‘yard’ attached to the building was beautifully landscaped, had games set up (think large-sized Jenga), and had a snack stand. It would be a really neat place to spend a nice afternoon.

Next stop was Tantalus Vineyards. Walking in to the tasting room was an experience on its own: the moment you enter, you were welcomed by a panoramic top-down view of the vineyard and lake. The wooden beams and shelves combined with a simplistic and modern design of the room was stunning – I was actually more excited for the view and design than I was for the wine. Well, just for a minute. Tantalus has my favourite pinot noir and I was really happy to have tried a bunch of their other wines too. Given how much wine I bought there, they were happy to let me sample pretty much every wine they had on their menu. No complaints here.

Our final stop of the day was Cedar Creek Estate Winery. I can’t say I’ve had much of their wines before, but I really liked their Meritage which is a Bordeaux-style blend that is heavy on the Malbec (an all-time fave of mine). The property itself would be really nice given its proximity to the lake, but the tasting room had the guests facing away from the view. I’m guessing they picked up on that and are currently building a new structure in front of the existing one.

All in all, it was such a great weekend catching up with old friends and letting loose. I haven’t been drinking much since the new year, but I couldn’t resist some wine. And what better place than in the heart of the Okanagan.


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