Wood Lake, BC – Another Successful Camping Trip

Hard to believe that June is already at an end but I am ecstatic that we’ve already fit in three camping trips so far.

Our trip to Wood Lake, located on the west side of Harrison Lake, BC, was rather last-minute. My mother in law loves to camp and was asking when we could go again. So as my husband was fixing her dish washer, I went online and found us a site at Wood Lake. Neither of us had been before so we didn’t know what to expect.

The drive up was beautiful but it also included a 17km drive along a logging road. It was wonderful compared to the drive up to Jones Lake, but it was definitely bumpy, loud and very dusty. The west side of Harrison Lake is just so beautiful – there are points where you can stop and get a great top-down view of the lake and the surrounding mountains. It was a little late when we were heading up so we decided not to stop. Just a word of caution: a lot of truck drivers and ATVs (pick-up trucks, not semis) like to fly up and down the road so just drive with caution.

The campground itself was nice, but it lacked running water. There’s firewood for sale as well but it was quite pricey for what you got ($10/bin – think: those blue recycling bins at your house). Maybe it was just the weekend we were there but there were a few loud parties that carried on past midnight. The site supervisor didn’t do anything about it, but luckily I was too tired to care for the first night. The lake wasn’t anything special – there really wasn’t anywhere around the lake you could hang out. There is a small dock with a small patch of dried mud where you could set up but it only fits maybe 4 people? Most people took to the water in their floaties, SUP and inner tubes. That also might have been more appealing if the water near the shore wasn’t so muddy. Mia went into the water once and was covered in mud. Nope, we didn’t do that again.

Luckily for us, there was a small river about 5 mins [walking] away from the campground. So we brought out bucket to get some clean water for washing and such, and to let Mia cool down and clean up. It was actually really nice by the river – it was a very  hot weekend and down by the river, it was wonderfully cooler (probably by a few degrees by my estimate). Plus, with the running water, I got to play around with some long exposures.

On our way back, we stopped along Chehalis River to do some fishing and exploring. We found an awesome place to camp along the river but continued walking until we reached a good fishing spot. I rolled up my shorts, grabbed my rod and made my way up-river a bit just below a cliff to get a good spot. I just cast and reeled with a spinner which worked – I caught a little guy (probably 6 inches?) but he wiggled loose as I was trying to maneuver him into a better position to get him off the line. But he was a stunningly bright juvenile steelhead so the river is definitely producing quality fish.

On a I-can’t-believe-that-just-happened note, I somehow managed to lose a sandal in the river. I had a rock in one sandal so I kicked my leg out to free the rock….and there went the shoe…floating like a little boat down the rapids. I had a split second to decide whether I could’ve caught it if I dove in but the moment passed too quickly and there it went.

All in all, it was great weekend at an OK campsite. My mother in law bought a new tent which was really nice. It can fit 6 people comfortably in it so we definitely had a lot of room with just the 3.5 of us. Minus the losing of my shoes, it was a successful weekend – definitely worth missing my high school reunion!

We’re off to Skwellipil Creek on Chehalis Lake for the long weekend. Will update once we get back!

Until then.


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