Big news ahead! We’re having a baby!

Well the last few weeks have certainly been a whirlwind of new adjustments, experiences and emotions. Art, Mia and I couldn’t be happier to announce that we are expecting Baby Korneluk in April of next year!

It has been hard keeping this to ourselves, and I’ve been wanting to write about it for quite some time but we decided it would be best to wait a few weeks before telling the entire online community.

I am currently almost 18 weeks along, and it’s certainly been an ‘eventful’ experience. I was quite lucky in my first trimester – while I had daily bouts of nausea, I never threw up. Lucky for me! My desk and home were constantly stocked of ginger tea, ginger ale, soda crackers, peppermint essential oils, and ginger capsules (just in case). Nausea usually hit me around noon (so much for ‘morning’ sickness) or whenever I was hungry so the trick was to never go hungry.

Pretty simple, right?

Well not quite. I was having some serious food aversions. Before falling pregnant, I was all about the veg and hummus, salads and morning smoothies. Boy, did things sure change afterward. First to go was hummus – I couldn’t look at it or even think about it, which sucked because we had just bought a costco-sized pack of it the previous week. Next to go were salads and smoothies, but only homemade ones. It was a hard transition for me. I was used to meal-prepping my foods for the week but now, my cravings and aversions changed almost hourly, and I certainly couldn’t stand eating the same thing over and over. This led to eating out and buying food more frequently.

The biggest change I noticed was my energy level – there were days where I could just sleep and nap all day. Quick office naps became a daily occurrence (thanks, Boss!) and I had to drastically scale back my workout routine. So combined with my new eating patterns, I was pleasantly surprised when I had only gained 2lbs by the beginning of my 2nd trimester. I’d like to think it was due to having set the groundwork for a healthy pregnancy before we fell pregnant.

Now, almost a month into my second trimester, I’m starting to feel myself again – no more food aversions (or less noticeable) and a lot more energy. Hooray! So I’m now I’m back on my [less regimented] eating habits, which is essentially just eating a balanced meal. I’ve stopped my carb backloading program but am still eating as much greens, fruits and protein as I can while keeping my carb intake in check. The one things I still haven’t been able to stomach much of is meat, so our house has basically gone vegetarian, which is fine as we were in the process of making that transition before the baby.

I’ve really started to show in the past few weeks (hooray!) so I’m starting to finally look pregnant rather than just having eaten too much. As of now, everything else has been going well, except for this lingering cold that just won’t go away.

Glad to be back and will update again soon!


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